Online account access

There are two different websites used for online account access. Because your accounts may be held with multiple investment companies/entities, different websites can be better for different financial plans. Omnisource is great for those that have multiple accounts held with multiple entities and would like to view everything in one place. Wealthscape is better for those that only posess investment/brokerage accounts and wish to view more detail than the simplistic Omnisource does. 



  1. You will first want to save the website URL:
  2. You will have received instructions via email from me directly when your accounts were established in order to access Omnisource. If you have not registered or would like to register, please email me and I will have the invite resent to you:

Omnisource technology help desk contact: 1-800-258-3648, option 3, option 1, option 1


Wealthscape (Investment accounts and brokerage accounts only)

  1. You will first want to save the website URL:
  2. Click "Register"
  3. You will be asked for your name, SSN, and date of birth.
  4. The system will then ask you for one of your account numbers which you can find on most mail correspondance. All of your investment accounts will populate once logged in however the system simply asks for one for verification purposes.
  5. Setup a password and series of security questions
  6. Save your randomly generated User ID so that you can login and chage it to a preferred user ID.
  7. Proceed to the homepage. You will want to click on preferences to update your User ID. 
  8. Under the 'account characteristics' tab, you may also chose to edit document delivery instructions such as statements, confirmations, and tax forms to be delivered electronically.
  9. There is also a mobile device application in the app store under "wealthscape investor"

Wealthscape technology help desk: 1-800-237-3813, Option 1, Option 2